Space Dive

by T Leaf



I produce a varied pallate of urban music depending on my mood or the weather, time of day - which seem to be inextricably linked. Predominantly, I produce Drum & Bass in which I explore the atmospheric and audio dynamic techniques of music. I saturated myself in urban music when i was young (11 years old). I Listened to alot of pirate radio stations that played everything from jungle, drum n bass, garage and hip hop. This was what got me hooked into listening to the music.

When i was 16, I was first interested in actually producing drum n bass and later on i started listening artists such as Squarepusher and slammin vinyls Mike Slammer, Red Alert . I Got hold of an old tracker program called Jeskola Buzz, and started to find out what it took to manipulate synths and samples to create interesting music. It turned out that it was a very, very demanding but also a rewarding challenge to which I still haven't seen the end.

Now, I branch into all Studio Suites depending on what I'm Doing and what sound i am after. I still visit Buzz, because it showed me alot about oscillation, subtractive, FM, LFO Modulation in synthesis and still holds up for me as a producer.

Now I'm Producing 8 years on, I still love what i do.


released June 8, 2011


all rights reserved



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