Signal Intelligence

by B Fuse



B.Fuse's musical influences date back to the early eighties, stemming from punkrock, ska, dub and hiphop from that era. His true love though was electronic music, with bands like Kraftwerk, leading to Underworld and Orbital in the early nineties. Djing followed soon after, and the first contact with Drum n Bass and Jungle music happened in 1995 during a trip to London. The name LTJ Bukem quickly came out on the map, and B.Fuse was hooked instantly to the GLO sound, with him buying loads of GLO records without ever prelistening.. Production was the next step, although he didn't get round that part until 2002, doing the do on an iMac - Cubase VST 5.1 setup, with store-bought sample packages. This didn't go very far, obviously, so new hardware and software was brought into play and a more serious starting point was well laid out. German Website "" resembled a proper platform for showcasing his tunes, with positive feedback all over the board. September 2003 saw him Djing at the huge "Wasserburg Leuchtet" festival, the biggest event for him yet, with an audience boasting 10,000 people! It was a huge success and was then repeated in 2004 which had an equal result, leaving him as a resident DJ there for future happenings. 2004 marked the birth of the Atmosphusion Crew, a collaboration of DJ's and producers from Germany trying to push Atmospheric DnB.


released April 27, 2010


all rights reserved



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